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4. Tests & Results

A significant number of various blood, urine, sputum etc. tests can be performed at our surgery in addition to more technical investigations such as ECG’s, Lung function assessment and on- site INR testing. You will need to make a routine appointment with your GP to identify the most suitable tests needed and thereafter with the Healthcare assistant to carry out his instruction. Other investigations such as X-rays and scans need to be referred by your GP and performed at the local Hospital. Be aware some test results can take 1-2 wks or more to return.


ECG’s, Spirometry and Swab tests

ECG’s are predominantly performed by all nurses and Healthcare assistants at Beechwood surgery. Spirometry (Lung Function Test) is usually performed by the Respiratory Nurse specialist at her clinic. Swabs are usually performed by the Practice Nurse. Further investigations such as X-rays and scans are performed at our local Hospital following a referral by your GP. Please make an appointment with your GP to discuss the most suitable investigation.

Blood & Specimen tests

at Beechwood and Alway

Various blood, urine, sputum & other tests can be performed by Healthcare assistance / Phlebotomists. Prior authorisation from your GP is required. INR (Warfarin) blood test monitoring is now performed on-site with results and treatment regimen available immediately. These too are performed daily.

Test Results

available from the results department between 2pm and 4pm

Test results can take 1 - 2 weeks to become available dependant on which tests have been performed. X-rays and scan results are forwarded on to the requesting GP once the Consultant has reviewed the findings. Please note: administrative staff can not interpret test results. The GP informs the results department staff on how to relay these results to you. Please make an appointment with your GP if you wish to discuss your results.

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